Advanced RenderMan: Creating CGI for Motion Pictures

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For you convenience, you may download just the shaders, all of the example files, or pick piece by piece.

All of these shaders and examples have been tested with BMRT 2.5 and PRMan 3.8. Many of the shaders take advantage of recently-added Shading Language features, so I do not expect them to work properly in much older releases of these renderers.

The examples should run identically on any other modern, fully-RenderMan-compliant renderers, but I haven't personally verified this. If anybody can test all the examples against other renderers, pelase let me know how they fare and I will report the results here.

Many of the shaders have been changed slightly from the way they appear printed in the book. In some cases this is to fix bugs that weren't found until after the book had gone to press, in other cases new functionality has been added, and in a few cases the book presented slightly simpler versions for the sake of clarity.

Some of the examples require certain archive models, shaders, or require you to generate a shadow map. In all such cases, it should be easy to deduce the prerequisites by examining the comments at the top of the RIB file.

The JPEG images on this page (sometimes linked to by the figure name) are all gamma corrected to 2.2. If they look washed out to you, please turn off hardware gamma correction.

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Organized by Chapter:

Chapter 8: Texture Mapping and Displacement

Chapter 9: Illumination Models and Lights

Chapter 10: Pattern Generation

Chapter 11: Shader Antialiasing

Chapter 12: A Gallery of Procedural Shaders

Chapter 14: Lighting Controls for Computer Cinematography

Chapter 15: Volumetric Shaders for Visual Effects

Chapter 16: Nonphotorealistic Rendering

Chapter 17: Ray Tracing in PRMan (with a little help from BMRT)

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Errata from the first printing.

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